Saturday, August 21, 2010

Exams soon

My exams will start in a few days time and I think I'm almost prepared. Anyway, it's not all study, study, study for me. Last Thursday, I attended a friend's surprise birthday party planned by his brother. I tried vegetables from Sarawak (which I think was delicious) and keropok (crackers) from Indonesia. After that, we had a jamming/karaoke session followed by a tour around his house. After touring around his house, we watched Ip Man, because it was getting late, I left halfway through the movie. I think I over dressed because I was in LBD while most of them dressed quite casual, but a number of the girls were in dresses as well so I'm not alone. Furthermore, it's the first time a lot of them got to see me in a dress as I seldom wear except to go to the MPO or formal dinners.

I'll be back after my exams,