Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Slow internet connection

Was chatting with my friend on Gtalk when I started complaining about the internet connection here in Malaysia. So he asked me to test it on Speedtest.net.

Anyway, I'm not surprised with the result. I kind of expected it. The result is 489 kb/s for download. My friend did the same test and he got 12500kb/s. By the way, my friend is based in America. View my result here.

Was going through Enya's chatbox. We're (Enya, Yein and I) are still talking about X Japan. I didn't know they listen to X Japan too. I thought it's just Adrian, Andrew and me. Hehe...can't wait to exchange X Japan songs with them. My favorite at the moment is Tears. Will check out their album when I go to Singapore. Heard that they are more popular there, hopefully I can find some of their albums there.

Watch Tears Music Video

Leaving tomorrow morning,

Sunday, February 15, 2009

On Valentine's Day

Didn't celebrate Valentine's day as I'm still single but celebrated Hoc Mun's birthday though. Here are the pictures.

1st picture: Pi Yao and me
2nd picture: Hoc Mun the birthday boy
3rd picture: Kay Yi, Soo Wei and me
4th picture: Soo Wei and me

They are all my secondary schoolmates and again I'm the youngest one at the party.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Heaven

Beautiful song, a duet by Wang Leehom and Jane Zhang. It's on Leehom's latest album, Heart. Beat.

Finally, understood Jane Zhang's "dolphin voice" people were talking about. Check it out in this video. It's like Mariah Carey.

I dedicate this song to all who will be celebrating Valentine's day!

Another Heaven - Wang Leehom featuring Jane Zhang


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Passion World Tour pictures

Attention to anyone who was part of Passion World Tour in 2008. Catch the amazing pictures captured by Jeremy Cowart on this website >>> awakening the book

Happy Valentine's day in advance,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back from Genting Highlands

Just came back from Genting Highlands few hours ago. Spent less than RM150 while I was there. Totally unexpected considering that the cost of things that can hurt your wallet, not a recession-friendly place.

I went with my classmates, it was a graduation trip. Most of the rides are fun, gave an adrenaline rush except one ride that I regretted. It was so darn slow. I don't know what is that ride called, but it's somewhere near the entrance.

Found out that I'm allergic to the fake snow in Snow World. I only got rashes on my face. But only realized it when I got back to my room to bathe. Had fun playing there, throwing snow balls at each other.

Didn't sleep much, spent the night playing card games. When everyone went to sleep at around 3 or 4 a.m., I didn't really sleep that well because it was too cold. The blanket wasn't thick enough.

Really tired now, got to go get some rest.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Seeing double

Nope...Coldplay was not on Music on 8 today, maybe it was last week. Today it's Daniel Powter. Daniel Powter is on my fan list in Facebook. Yeah, I admire him as a musician and I can relate some of his songs. While watching the show, I saw this uber cool double neck guitar. My first time seeing one. It's something like the picture shown below.

(picture taken from wikipedia)

Singapore trip has been cancelled to next, next week. So next week, it's just Genting trip with classmates. Then I'll have some paperwork to do.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

The day after

It's pass 24 hours after my last paper, Company Law ended. So what have I been up to so far?

  • Getting prepared for my trip to Singapore. There's lots of things to do there. 1 week is probably not enough with so much to see and do there. I just found out over the internet today. Let's hope it won't rain, because it'll ruin most of my plan because I won't be walking around like a tourist, instead I'll be stuck inside a shopping mall.
  • Running on my treadmill. Need to lose all that weight I had gained during Chinese New Year.
  • Reading magazines like Newsweek, The Economist, Business Week. Mostly business stuff.
  • Watching American Idol tonight.
  • Jamie's CNY open house tomorrow.
  • Watching Coldplay on 8TV on Saturday. I think those guys in Coldplay are talented. Like almost everyone else, my favorite band member is Chris Martin.
  • BBQ party at Vincent's house on Sunday with my classmates (or should it be ex-classmates?). Followed by a class trip to Genting Highlands.
  • I'll be Singapore, maybe for 1 week plus.
  • Work after I come back from Singapore. Need to earn some money and get some job experience.
  • Can't wait to watch the movie, He's just not that into you. My favorite actress, Jennifer Aniston, is in this movie. I haven't watch the movie yet (unfortunately, while rest of the world gets to watch it on February 6, I have to wait until April), but I can't stop playing one of the soundtracks in the movie, Love, save the empty by Erin McCarley. I like her make up in the video, especially the eyes.

Love, Save the empty - Erin McCarley

In holiday mood,