Friday, October 22, 2010

No time for movies

I have been so busy lately. Been busy with assignments, doing tutorials, attending classes etc. So busy that I find that I have hardly much time for myself or to go out with friends for coffee, to shop or for movies.

At the start of this semester, I decided to set aside all my Sundays to rest and relax. Well, I did get to relax the first 2 weeks, I think. After that,assignments kept pouring in like a heavy downpour. To prevent myself from drowning, I decided to start doing my assignments as early as possible. Hopefully, there won't be any last minute work. And since I'm can't stop thinking about my responsibilities as a student even while resting, most of my free time are filled up doing assignments, tutorials, studying, reading books recommended by lecturers etc.

Furthermore, the holiday season is coming and soon everyone will be on holiday mood. I hope I won't be a scrooge or a party pooper then.

Anyway, if I could find the time to relax, there are some movies that I would like to watch. Most probably I would end up watching them after my final exams, so I'll be watching it on DVD. Yup, my final exam as a TARC Advanced Diploma student. I don't want to resit any papers so I have to work really hard now. First on the list is, of course, Love in Disguise, for obvious reasons. Followed by Hachiko: A dog's story because I'm a dog lover and the dog in the movie is so cute and lovable. Watch the trailer here:

Finally, a movie that will be in cinemas this December - Narnia. I'm a big fan of Narnia.

That's all, have a good weekend.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Garden of Good and Eva

I tried Garden of Good and Eva, one of the six Benefit Crescent Row fragrances. I wanted to try Laugh with me Lee Lee but there's no more perfume left in the bottle :(. So I ended I trying Garden of Good and Eva. I tried the others before, on cards given by the sales person but not on my skin yet. This time I would like to try it on my skin to test if it smells good on me.

According to Benefit, Garden of Good and Eva has a crisp and fresh citrus floral scent. I prefer scents that are fresh as it is more suitable for me. After the salesperson sprayed this scent on my wrist, I kept sniffing it because the I like the scent so much. One more good thing about it is that it lasted quite long :)

I also like the packaging of the fragrances in the Crescent Row collection. It would surely stand out when I put it on my shelf. Packaging is also one thing that I look for when buying perfume. A perfume may smell nice but if I don't like the packaging, I would not buy it.

Of course, price is important too. Since I have a budget, I would buy something within that budget and that gives value for money.

Anyway, I didn't bring that Garden of Good and Eva home with me yet. Since I'm not in a rush to buy a new fragrance, I would like to continue trying out fragrances as there are many choices available in the market today. Especially when I didn't get to try Laugh with me Lee Lee on my skin.

At the end of the day, I don't want to regret buying something.

Have a good day!