Monday, June 30, 2008

Yoon Fong's birthday party pictures 2

Yoon Fong and friends.

Yoon Fong and some of the girls, some went home earlier.

OK, after this post, no more of Yoon Fong's birthday pictures.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Google with your favorite bands

I was reading about my favorite bands on the net when I found something interesting.

Read it here for Yellowcard fans and for Lifehouse fans click here

Anyway, they're both the same thing. Just Google powered search toolbars where while searching you can earn Swag Bucks which can be used to redeem your favorite bands merchandise. Cool huh? Don't need to spend money to get your favorite bands merchandise.

I'm not sure if other bands have them because I didn't check.

Anyway, I completed Business Law assignment which is due this Tuesday and completed my part for English for Business assignment.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yoon Fong's birthday party pictures

The birthday cake. There's a big 21 on the top of the cake.

The birthday girl.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

When you're 18

According to the Age of Majority Act, 1971 the age of majority is 18 years.

Age of majority=adult.

Therefore if you're 18 years old, you're already an adult. I'm still 18 and I'm already an adult.

That's something I learned in Business Law lecture today. Now that I know that I'm an adult, I need to start taking responsibility of my decisions and bear the consequences. You know, start acting like an adult.

But there are adults who are still acting like small kids, you see them everywhere.

Business Law is not that tough after all. Think positive. There are people who fail that paper, but that are people who got an A in it too.

And prayer really works! I prayed for God's help and He provided in the form of friends. Yeah, thank God for friends!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Enlightened me

Went to college super early, reach that at 15 minutes to 8am. Why? I had to attend Management Accounting tutorial class. Normally my class is from 1.30PM to 3.30PM. But today and probably from today onwards, I wanted to join my friend's class which starts at 8AM and ends at 10AM as I am carpooling with my friend.

After that, I had brunch, then went to the library. While waiting for my friend, I finished this week's Business Law tutorial questions. When my friend arrived, he started teaching me Management Accounting. Finally, it's not rocket science after all. Thank you Kah Seng!

Anyway, I bet you noticed that there's some music playing at the background. Your speakers are not haunted. I decided to spice up my blog a bit by playing some of my favorite songs. Thanks Janice for letting me know where to look for them.

The song is First Time by Lifehouse. The music video is really cool as well. Anyway, I can't say yet if it's my favorite song on their latest album, "Who we are" because....because...I'll be importing it from US so have to wait for it to arrive here. But it's one of my favorite Lifehouse song. I dedicate this song to the guy who'll be delivering this album to me ;)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yoon Fong's birthday party

No pictures yet, as I haven't received any and I was too lazy to bring along my camera.

Celebrated her 21st birthday. She even invited friends way back from primary school. I did kept in touch with my primary school best friends, but due to studies, we somehow lost touch.

There was a lot of food, so much food that Shannon ate many rounds, I don't know how many exactly but it seems like he has been eating all the while he was there. Well, if he doesn't eat a lot, there must be some problem.

Yeah, met old friends, everyone is everywhere. Made new friends too. Some people didn't change, the ones that like to crap, still likes to crap. I don't think anyone changed much.

Now I need to study Business Law. I must pass this subject this semester. This and that Management Accounting.

Oh yeah, met 2 people who are doing ACCA. I don't know if I'll choose this route. I'll just see how things go, be open to other options.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I just realized it too

Finally did started doing something for my Business for English assignment. Yesterday we had our first discussion. Today I got all the survey questions done, haven't send for printing yet. Not sure how many copies to print. But getting people to do the survey won't take long. I've already sent a copy to Andrew (that was fast, ain't it?).

There's this song that has been playing on the radio recently. It's Realized by Colbie Caillat. You know the one who sang Bubbly. This song makes me feel warm and good. Just what I need after those hours of studying.

This is the video.

Colbie Caillat Lyrics
Realize Lyrics

Sometimes we don't realized how a good a thing is until we lose it and when we get it back again, we appreciate it even more. But I believe it's never too late for anything. Failure is never fatal. Failure is never final.

Anyway, this song is about taking time to realize that you're in love with someone, something along that line. I just realized the same thing too that's why I can relate to the song.

Some of the music videos posted here are sometimes songs that I can relate to, that's why they're on my blog! Haha.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can I survive?

This semester is a tough one for me. I know I said the same thing during my third semester but believe me, this semester is tougher. It's probably a killer semester.

First, I have a law subject. To quote Bernard, Business Law is from the abyss. Even the lecturer said it's a killer subject. So the subject is killing me now. I'm going to sue that subject for causing me stress. I'm not a law student, forced to take a law subject. I'm going to make sure I pass this paper so that I don't need to repeat or resit because I think killing me once is enough.

Next, I have Management Accounting. The only chapter I fully understand is chapter 1. The rest of the chapters are like rocket science to me. I asked around for help among my seniors but they either forgot or they are not good in this topic. So I'm hoping for a miracle.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Birthdays Birthdays

2 of my friends will be celebrating their birthday this month and I'll be going for their birthday party. Both on Saturday. So Saturday is usually my Friends Day because it seems like a day I hang out with my friends. Got to go shopping for birthday presents soon!

I went online early in the morning today to type Business Law notes. Haiz, yesterday because some repeat students were talking at the back, the lecturer got angry and then didn't bother to explain point 2 for Consideration. She didn't even at least let us copy the notes for it.

Thank God for friends, I'm borrowing Business Law notes from friends who are done with that subject from other colleges. One more might be on the way, but he is on vacation in Hong Kong now.

I want to go to Hong Kong for vacation too, but not now. Maybe when I earn my own money.

Yesterday, my English for Business tutor was saying that white men like to travel, they can even leave their family and job behind and travel for few months. I like that. I wish I'm able to do that. Maybe when I start dating someone who's like that then we can go on vacations together.

I'll still be a responsible employee but at the same time, I want some balance in life, you know like work hard, play hard. I think most Asians play hard but work harder.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lost in Koreatown, part 1,2,3, finale

I was doing the tutorial questions for Management Accounting when I remembered that I had some "unfinished business" to do online. So after completing the questions that I can do, I went online.

First thing, visit my college website, check my e-learning. OK, lecturer posted an assignment there. So MIS assignment is on e-learning. Dear Course mates, please take note.

Next, research some stuff about cinemas for my English for Business assignment. I'm gonna enjoy doing it. How can I not enjoy researching one of my favorite place to hang out. Most of the time I go to the mall to watch a movie. Anyway, since it's Business for English, I'm going to just write about the business side of the cinema.

After that, I still have some time before dinner, so I decided to watch Lifehouse - Lost in Koreatown. There are 4 parts. I put all of them here. Enjoy!

Lost in Koreatown - part 1

Lost in Koreatown - part 2

Lost in Koreatown - part 3

Lost in Koreatown - finale

Secondhand Serenade

Introducing a new singer that I like, Secondhand Serenade, real name John Vesely.

I was listening to a song by him while sitting in my friend's car. Few seconds into the song and I enjoyed it and started asking about the singer and song title. Later in the night, I was online and so is my friend so I asked him to send the song to me.

I like the video for this song. Pictures do paint a thousand words.

Visit Secondhand Serenade's myspace page and listen to a couple of nice songs by him.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

iphone 2.0

I wanted to blog about this for a long time but have been procrastinating and complaining that I do not know what to blog about. What an excuse!

I like the new iphone more than the previous one. Watch this video and you'll agree with me.

If only I can get my hands on it, the only iphone available here is the earlier version which is not suppose to be sold here as in it's not legal enough to be sold in Apple stores in this country. Ahh, too much of Business Law already. Everything must follow the law.

On the plus side, I have time to save money for it if I really want it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Running out of inspiration

I need to go fishing soon. No, not fishing for the real fishes that ends up on your dinner plate but for inspiration.

I don't know what to blog about. So that's another reason why I upload videos on my blog. Apparently, sometimes they give me ideas on what to blog about.

I don't know what topic to do for my Business for English assignment. Usually, I would have some ideas on what topic to do but this time it's: nada. So I'm going to depend on my group members to think of a topic. I think I need more sleep. I get more ideas when I have more than enough of sleep.

Currently I like a song on American Top 40 which is hosted by Ryan Seacrest. You can listen to this chart show on Fly Fm. I don't know the name of the song and the band so I went to Fly Fm's website to check it out. The song is It's not my time by 3 Doors Down. Number 26 this week. Apart from that, few spots above It's not my time at number 23 is Whatever it takes by Lifehouse (my favorite band).

It's not my time music video. Cool stunts.

P.S. I was chatting with Hoc Mun on MSN just now and he kick started some ideas for English for Business assignment. Thanks Hoc Mun!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Free time is a luxury

I don't know who said that free time is a luxury. I think it is Mariah Carey. I totally agree.
I hardly have any free time nowadays especially with my crazy timetable and tough subjects this semester, the moment I reach home, I want to finish all my assigments first and if I don't finish them by my bedtime, I'll wake up early the next morning to complete it. Yeah, I do have a regular bedtime.

Am I someone who rather sleep late or wake up early so that I have more time? I think I can be both.

Recent updates:
  • Petrol prices in Malaysia has increased to RM2.70 but I would say thank God for subsidies. Some countries don't even have subsidies and it's going to increase soon due to climate changes and if the darn hurricane does hit Houston, Texas, I bet it's going to increase even more.
  • My favorite fragrance at the moment is Estee Lauder's Emerald Dreams. I like the bottle and the scent and I heard it's limited edition too. It's selling for RM170 at Estee Lauder's counters. Owning a limited edition perfume that you love is a luxury too.
  • Tower Records seem to have a crazy sale, some CDs are sold at RM10. Prices so low you won't believe your eyes. I think it's because the economy is bad and people rather download songs from the internet. However, they do not have the albums I'm looking for. The albums I want seems to be limited edition too because everytime I look for them, they're either out of stock or something. That's another luxury too. Good thing I asked Andrew to get them for me before they run out of stock in US. So Mr. Hurricane, please don't hit Houston.
  • I haven't started doing Business Law homework yet and I better start soon. The lecturer is scary.