Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Five Love Language for Singles

I just finished reading "The Five Love Language for Singles" by Gary Chapman. According to this book, there are 5 love languages namely:
Quality time
Acts of Service
Words of Affirmation
Physical touch

Each of us has a primary love language which is one of the above. Some of us may have two.

While reading this book, I learned how to identify the love language of those close to me. I also discovered my love language which is quality time.

This book is targeted to singles. Before this version, there is one for married couples. I urge all of you to read this book. I believe knowing and speaking a person's love language can help improves relationship.

At the end of this book, there's a quiz you can take to find out your love language. For more information visit Five Love Languages website.

All you need is love,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream

Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream (Googled image)

I absolutely love the scent of peaches in this product. It smells really pleasant. It is easy to apply and blend and I can see an immediate result on my face after I put it on. I see an immediate result after using this product. My complexion looks much better. It is suitable for oily skin. It managed to control the oil on other parts of my face, however, my nose seems like a lost cause. It comes with SPF 20 PA+ but for someone who spends quite some time outdoors, I would require a higher SPF. I'm pleased with this product and will continue using it.

Happy Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream user,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

3D2N Penang: Day 3

My last day Penang. Since I slept late the night before, I decided to wake up slightly later today. Had wan tan mee for breakfast at Chowrasta Market. The difference between the wan tan mee here and the one I usually have in KL is the one I had has lard in it making it tastier which also means that it is non-halal.

Went back to our hotel after breakfast as we have to packed our bags and check out before going for the ground tour arranged by our hotel. Actually, they contacted a local tour guide and told the guide that we're interested in a tour. The guide picked us up from the hotel at 9.30 a.m. in his car. Along the way, he pointed to us various places of interest like Penang Governor house, Millionaire Street, Christian Cemetery, famous schools and hospitals.

Our first stop was Kek Lok Si. To go to the Pagoda, entrance fee is RM2, while to take the cable car up to the Kwan Ying statue, it cost RM4 return ticket. After that I had Assam Laksa and coconut water at a coffee shop near Kek Lok Si.

After that, he took us to Coffee Tree where we can try out all sorts of coffee, chocolate, tea and honey for free. You name it, they probably have it. The place looks popular with Middle Eastern tourist as I saw a lot of notices or signs written in Arabic. The Penang White Coffee is nice, in fact it's the most popular coffee among customer in the shop judging by the number of packs on display. I bought some home.

The next stop is Penang Botanic Garden since we can't go up to Penang Hill. Though we can either take a jeep up which is expensive or hike up which is something I might do in the future with a bigger group of friends. You can hike up to Penang Hill from Botanic Garden it takes about 1-2 hours depending on how fit you are. There are plenty of monkeys at the Botanic Garden and they dare to snatch water bottles from tourist.

Next, we went to see the reclining Buddha (4th longest in the world) which is in a Thai temple and a Burmese temple opposite. That was our last stop then the guide dropped us off at our hotel. From our hotel, we went to a shop nearby for lunch. Then we went to McDonald's in Prangin Mall to kill time since we have to be at Five Stars office to wait for the van to send us to Sungai Nibong bus terminal at 4 p.m. Arrived in 1 Utama around 9.30 p.m.

I hope to go back to Penang again some day. The next time to stay at Hard Rock Hotel and probably to hike up Penang Hill (if I'm fit enough.)

Had a great holiday in Penang

P.S. Pictures of my Penang trip are on my Facebook.

Friday, May 7, 2010

3D2N Penang: Day 2

If you don't know your past, you'll be like a leaf that doesn't know you're part of a tree - The Little Nyonya

Woke up early in the morning. Had breakfast at Line Clear near my hotel. This place is famous for it's Nasi Kandar but since I don't really fancy Nasi Kandar so I had Roti Canai and teh tarik instead. After that, we walked around Chowrasta Market. This market is way better than the night market in Batu Ferringhi. I think the one in Batu Ferringhi is catered towards tourists while you'll usually see locals at Chowrasta market. Saw the famous popiah skin maker, didn't buy any because I don't have the ingredients to make popiah there. I wouldn't mind just eating the popiah skin (it's fresh!) but my friend would think I'm weird.

After walking the whole stretch of the market, we took a CAT shuttle bus which is free of charge to Little India. Little India wasn't what I had in mind, maybe I went there too early. After that, I had a plate of Char Kuey Teow at a coffee shop a stone throw away from Pinang Peranakan Mansion. When I finished my Char Kuey Teow, we walked over to the Pinang Peranakan Mansion. It looks small from the outside but huge in the inside. I like the architecture of this house as well as the Baba Nyonya culture. I think the people in those times were innovative and resourceful. The tour guide was good in explaining the Baby Nyonya culture and lifestyle. I think he watched "The Little Nyonya" too. "The Little Nyonya" and "Iron Lady" was filmed in Pinang Peranakan Mansion. The tour guide also gave some tips on how to live a long and healthy life. Among other tips he gave, he warned us not to use plastics and Styrofoam.

After the tour in Pinang Peranakan Mansion, we walked over to Jin Shi for some tea. I drank tea and rest while my friend drank tea and read the books there. Then we headed to Fort Cornwallis, Esplanade and the surrounding areas to take some pictures. When we are done, we took the CAT shuttle bus to Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. "Blue Mansion" was filmed here. Cheong Fatt Tze is super rich and I think he is a good business man. The guided tour is at 11am and 3pm sharp. It's a hotel too but I think I would have to pay through my nose. By the way, Cheong Fatt Tze is opposite the hotel where I stayed, Cathay Hotel.

We had dinner in Gurney Drive. I had fried oyster, assam laksa, tau foo fa and many more there. While waiting for the bus back to Komtar, I talked to a couple from Indonesia who were waiting for the same bus. They stay near my hotel. My Bahasa Malaysia is still good because they understood every word that I say and I was able to converse with them fluently.

When we got back, we went to Red Garden opposite my hotel for supper. I had Ais Kacang which came with a scoop of ice cream on top. They also added some soda into the ais kacang.


P.S. Day 3 tomorrow. Pictures are on my Facebook.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

3D2N Penang: Day 1

Took Five Stars Express bus from 1 Utama to Penang in the morning. The whole journey took about 4 and a half hours. The seat is comfortable and spacious. It can recline and there's enough leg room. During the journey, I watched Narnia: Prince Caspian. The Chronicles of Narnia is my favourite storybook. I think I watched this movie a few times, I don't mind watching it another time. I can't wait to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader which will be released in December 2010.

When we (my friend and I) arrived in Penang, it took us quite a while to find the hotel as we weren't familiar with the roads and some of the locals only know the road names in Mandarin/Hokkien. However, we managed to find Cathay Hotel (the hotel we stayed in) after walking for what seemed to me like hours under the hot sun. Felt relieved to finally found the hotel. My first impression of the hotel is that it is beautiful in its own way. I like the architecture and interior design. It gives you the "back to 100 years ago" feel. Something that can't be found in modern hotels. Don't worry, the facilities are pretty modern. The room rate didn't burn a hole in my pocket either.

After checking in, putting down our bags, we took Rapid Penang 101 from Penang Road to Batu Feringghi to check out Hard Rock Hotel. It costs RM2.70 one way. Took a lot of pictures there. Every rock lovers must visit this hotel at least once in his/her life. I got caught up taking so much pictures in the lobby, swimming pool, beach, outside the hotel. I think I took the most photos here. When my stomach started making noises (not rock music), I realised I haven't had my lunch and dinner yet so we made our way to Hard Rock Cafe. At the cafe, I took some more pictures while waiting for my food to arrive. I really like the beef patty in the HRC Burger that I ordered, it's so juicy. I had it done medium rare.

I met a pleasant staff there, her name is Laida. So when you go to Hard Rock Cafe in Batu Feringghi, Penang, tell her I said "Hi." From today onwards, I'm going to save up enough money to spend a night at Hard Rock Hotel Penang just for the experience.

After eating, we went to the night market nearby. It was quite a disappointment. Then we went back to our hotel to bathe and sleep.


P.S. 3D2N Penang: Day 2 tomorrow. Pictures are on my Facebook.