Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 resolutions

I make a list of resolutions almost every year since I first heard of the term and found out what it is about. I find that having goals gives us something to strive towards to in life, just my opinion. I need a direction, something to work towards to in life, a deadline, discipline.

This year, I decided to list my 2011 resolution differently. I decided to list it on and decided to have only 3 items on the list. Well, I can have more but I think it's more achievable if I just focus on 3 instead of, say, 10.

Listing it on also allows me to see who else have the same resolution as me so that I won't feel so alone in trying to achieve it. Reading their entry regarding their efforts towards achieving those resolutions will also sort of encourage me. Furthermore, it is connected to my Facebook so my friends who read that post will hopefully keep me accountable. The reason why I didn't achieve some of my resolutions in the past is because there is no accountability.

Anyway, here's my 3 resolutions for 2011.
  1. Lose 10KG by year end.
  2. Pass my exams, specifically internal exams as I would require more than a year to complete all my CIMA papers.
  3. Learn a new recipe every month.
Happy new year in advance!

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