Monday, May 2, 2011

Garden of Good and Eva

I like trying out fragrances whenever I'm in shopping malls. I like trying fragrances on my skin instead of on cards unless I'm trying many fragrances at one go. After the one that I bought few years back started to smell funny, it was time to get another one before I leave to UK.

The concept of this fragrance collection started when Maggie and Annie visited Bath, England (not sure if I would be going to Bath when I'm in England but if there's a trip, count me in!). They were inspired by this place there called Royal Crescent where the homes are laid out on a crescent shape. For this collection, they imagined the girls (each fragrance represents a girl with names like Sofia, Gina, Eva and so on) as neighbours living on Crescent Row and what each personality would be like.

When Benefit launch the first three fragrances, I tried all of them and the one that I liked was Laugh with me LeeLee but because my I didn't need any fragrances then so I didn't buy it.

Last year, I think, they added another three girls to the Crescent Row collection. And around then was when my fragrance started to smell funny. So I tried all of it and couldn't decide between Laugh with me LeeLee and Garden of Good and Eva. In the end, a few weeks ago, I finally settled for Garden of Good and Eva.

Eva suits my personality more and I love the scent. Here's a poem written by Benefit to describe Eva
come away with eva
breeze down a lush lane

she's the fresh rush of splendor
you can't quite explain

so vividly vibrant
with a carefree demeanor

she whirls off to a place
where grasses are greener

The top notes consists of pear, watermelon, ozone accords and muguet. The middle notes consists of rosebuds, jasmine petals, green violet leaves, freesia. While the bottom notes are sandalwood, musk and cedarwood.

I also like the packaging for this collection. It's unique and I think I would keep the bottle even if it's empty. The bottle looks like a cocktail shaker and I like the fact that it's not made of glass, this means that I can carry it around, put it in my check-in luggage without worrying that the bottle would break and my clothes would smell nice. But fragrances are for my skin to smell nice not my clothes. The box for this collection is also lovely. It looks like a house and when you open it up, you can see the furnishing and decoration of that house reflecting the taste and personality of each girl. 

I also like the fact that mine can last for many hours on my skin meaning that it's a perfect fit. I don't like fragrance that last only for 2-3 hours. Eva also smells good on me and when no one is watching, I would sniff the spot where I sprayed the fragrance and smile.

Have a great week ahead,

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