Monday, March 21, 2011

Upgrading my brain

Sorry for not updating my blog for some time. Was busy with studying for my CIMA exams in May and planning Europe trip.

Read this article online on 7 ways to upgrade my brain. I don't have a super brain so this article piqued my interest as I think it needs some upgrading. The 7 ways to upgrade our brain are:

  1. Read (I read a lot so I'm already doing that just that it's getting harder and harder these days to find the time to read)
  2. Get a degree (I'm going to do that, I'll be attending a summer programme in UK in June this year.)
  3. Seek out new experiences (I'm going overseas to study and after that will be travelling around Europe with friends, I've never done that before so it's a new experience for me)
  4. Think (I think I need to work harder in this department)
  5. Practice (Currently practicing my toastmasters speech and attempting past year exam questions)
  6. Write (I journal after doing my quiet time and update this blog from time to time)
  7. Do things that are hard (CIMA exams are hard and I'm doing it)
So I guess I'm making some efforts to upgrade my brain and if I keep this up, my brain is going to be pretty well developed. To read the rest of the article, go to this website (


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